FuturePolicy.org presents policy solutions and essential tools for decision makers to promote sustainable living and protect the rights of future generations to inhabit a healthy and intact world.

Renewable energy

Draft a Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Law for your country, the best approach to accelerating renewable electricity generation.

Human rights

All around the world the rights of the world’s largest minority are to a great extent neglected. To change this situation, policies advancing the rights of persons with disabilities are crucial.

Oceans and coasts

Safeguard our oceans and coasts so that current and future generations can benefit from the numerous goods and services the marine environment provides.

Regenerative cities

Use our toolkit to help cities on the path of regenerative urban development and achieve a 100% renewable energy target.

Nuclear disarmament

Build on existing exemplary policies to spread the anti-nuclear norm and limit all nuclear weapons-related activities.

Sustainable forests

Protect and enhance forests with policies which are sustainable for people, reduce destruction, mitigate climate change and contribute to livelihoods & food security.

Energy efficiency

Reduce overall energy use - economically and environmentally the most sensible way out of the energy crisis.

Future justice

Connect current problem-solving with a long term perspective. Develop laws and policies that foster a more secure, just, equal and creative world.

Agriculture and food

Ensure food security while conserving biodiversity and mitigating climate change,