Toolkit: Design a good FiT law

Note that if you are unsure whether a Feed-In Tariff law is appropriate for your country or region, please check our recommendations for before you start drafting.

How to use the toolkit to compile a proposed law.

A good FIT law has two main objectives and several supplementary objectives:

The Access Objective

Grid operators are obliged to connect renewable energy producers to the grid, whether the producers are utilities, other businesses or private households, and must transmit the electricity they produce. To achieve the Access Objective, grid-related features need enacting.

The Price Objective

The price for the electricity produced is set at a level and for a period that guarantees a reasonable return on investment. To achieve the Price Objective, economic and financial features need enacting.

Supplementary Objectives

The Supplementary Objectives are important for the fine-tuning of the FIT law. To achieve them, additional features need enacting.