Country- and region-specific information

This database offers a country specific analysis and description of all implemented FiT laws.

Please note that the information available on this site must be taken as work in progress.

Despite regular updates it is impossible to have in-depth and updated information for all countries or regions. Working with a list of countries and regions that were purported to have FITs, our team started to conduct detailed country- and region-specific analysis.

In many programs the tariffs change at the beginning of the new year. Some tariffs increase, some decrease. This is especially significant for solar PV tariffs. Many programs decrease the solar PV tariffs substantially every year as the costs for solar PV decline. While we try to keep these tables up-to-date, this is becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, the tariffs in these tables should be viewed as approximate. Always consult the country or jurisdiction in question.

For areas we are unsure of, we either chose to not make any statements or to highlighted the uncertainties, and we call on users to help us fill in the gaps.

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