Credits and copyright

The development of the and PACT site has involved more than 30 people based around the world - in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. The main content has been written by a combination of lawyers and issue experts with help from many volunteers and interns.

Project management:

Anne Reis, World Future Council
Stefan Schurig, Climate and Energy Director, World Future Council

Web development

Frank Pennycook [] -- website production

Steven Gould -- document drafting engine
JFBonham [] -- graphics and page design
Michael Gaertner, Mathias Eckhardt []- webserver support
Thanks also to Ries van Twisk, Leonie Maclay, Martin-Pierre Frenette, Sven Wolfermann

Photography and graphics


Lisa Schwampe, Media & Communications, WFC
Kim & Joe [] -- graphics and branding
Katrin Schmitt Tegge [] -- graphics
Nathalie Bertrams -- photography in sustainable forests section


Peter Roderick, co-Director, Climate Justice Programme, UK []
David Jacobs, Environmental Policy Research Centre, Free University Berlin []
Jennifer Gleason, Staff Attorney, ELAW U.S. []
Axel Bree, World Future CouncilRoda Verheyen, co-Director, Climate Justice Programme, Germany
M.C. Mehta, Advocate, India
Fe Sanchis Moreno, Environmental Legal Adviser, Spain
Anandalal Nanayakkara, Attorney-at-Law, Sri Lanka
PD Dr. Danyel Reiche, American University Beirut, Lebanon


Franziska Niemitz,  Tom Bowers, Zan Chen, Mariana Ivanova and Jane Sohn at the WFC
Betsy Bridge, Jolene Goodnight, Luke Meyer, and Mae Sader at ELAW U.S.


Artists Project Earth logo


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The textual content of this site has been developed to be freely available in order to facilitate the spread of best policies. We would hope that any material replicated from this site would be credited to the project.

Unless otherwise specified, images and photographs on the site are copyright their respective owners and are used here with permission. Re-use without explicit permission is not allowed. If you wish to enquire about usage rights for any images please contact the World Future Council in the first instance to determine the relevant rights owner(s).

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