Feed-in Tariffs: a policy solution for renewable energy

This site aims to help users around the world to introduce or improve feed-in tariff (FiT) laws in their country or region. Access the features of a good FiT law and draft your own proposed law. Find country- and region-specific information on existing FiT laws in over 70 jurisdictions worldwide. Consult the expert roster for additional information.

Tackling climate change means rapidly changing the way we generate and use energy. Energy transition is therefore not a lifestyle choice but an absolutely essential action to save the planet. Even though it is one of the biggest challenges humanity has faced, there is agreement about the fact that 100% renewable energy is feasible.

The major challenge to achieve this vision is lack of political will. We can only achieve the 100% renewable energy target with an effective policy framework for promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Feed-in Tariff (FiT) laws have proven to be a very effective framework. They are the driving force behind the majority of RE deployments globally. Well-designed programs have proven to be an effective counter cyclical growth and job creation mechanism even in downturns like the economic crisis. Four core features realized the astonishing uptake:

  • FiTs allow any entity to connect a renewable energy system to the grid;
  • FiTs require utilities to purchase all the electricity generated by that system;
  • FiTs mandate the price and timeframe during which the electricity must be purchased by the utility.
  • Policy costs are incorporated into electricity rates, rather than recovered from taxpayers.

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