Global Policy Action Plan

The Global Policy Action Plan (GPACT), available in English, French, and Spanish, identifies the most urgent inter-linked challenges facing us and presents coherent policy responses to initiate a change of course. GPACT does not prescribe a path to “the” future, or even assume that we know it, but opens the doors to a diversity of futures and shows what needs to be done to ensure that we can choose between them.

The time has come to move from the ‘why’ to the ‘how’ and with 2015 being an important year for the culmination of several UN processes, we can see here how the new story of the Global Policy Action Plan can serve as a roadmap for our transition to a sustainable world, which benefits both present and future generations.

The seven thematic chapters  of GPACT form the structure of


Learning and Responsible Governanceicon-curricula-reformicon-public-officeicon-alternative-indicators

Equity and Dignityicon-rights-and-responsibilitiesicon-populationicon-guardians

Peace and Securitypeace-cultureicon-military-spendingicon-nuclear-weapons

Climate Stability citiesicon-renewable-energies

Healthy Ecosystemsicon-food-and-watericon-biodiversity-and-soilicon-forestsicon-oceans  

Common Wealthicon-money-creationicon-green-tax-and-budgetsicon-financial-instrumentsicon-divestment

Enterprise and Design icon-ecologically-intelligent-designicon-benefit-corporations         


By laying out the interconnected policy incentives required to build a world of growing solutions, we present policy-makers with the minimum policy parameters for a grown-up humanity, guided by the values of care, trust and justice for present and future generations. These exemplary policy solutions are indicated throughout by the use of icons.

Our most urgent need is for a map and compass to guide our journey ahead. We need a box of tools to mend our faulty navigational equipment and to alter our course. We need an instruction manual showing us how to steer between the looming tipping-points and find transitional pathways to sustainable futures.

The Global Policy Action Plan is an attempt to assemble such a toolbox and write such a manual, and is available online in English, French and Spanish.

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