Enterprise and Design

Economies, employment and indeed, the future of our planet, depend on enterprise and design; those capable, innovative, inspiring and driven individuals and organisations that can effect change and make things happen. A failure to act sustainably would mean that the ever-growing consequences of climate change can pose difficult challenges in terms of product design, the sourcing of materials and the nature of their supply chain.

Yet, the added value of creativity and innovation to enterprise and design can enhance and foster a ‘can-do’ attitude for turning ideas into definitive action, before such decisions are forced upon us. Policy incentives that support new enterprise and intelligent design are essential tools not only for building a sustainable economy but also contributing to guaranteeing basic rights and responsibilities as well as protecting our ecosystems.

Interconnected sustainable policy solutions must be implemented at every stage of the production process, from design and manufacture to purchase and use. Business today cannot come at the cost of tomorrow.

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