Learning & Responsible Governance

Responsible Governance is only possible if society is equipped with a deeper understanding of our environment and how today’s decisions influence our world tomorrow. Elected officials must be informed to understand and decide upon the complex challenges we face in our imminent and long-term futures. Society too, through a continuous learning process, must be equipped to question their choices. Educating ourselves on sustainable development will allow us to meet both these challenges and embark on our pathway to a better future.

Higher environmental literacy will lead to an improved general understanding of how our decisions today can influence our world tomorrow and ensure responsible governance. Such choices must be made with authenticity. They must reflect the real value of our shared natural and social capital.

To insure against the risk of political paralysis, or a failing state collapsing under the weight of growing climate chaos and other interlinked crises, we require eco-literate leaders and responsible governance.

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