Climate & Energy

The benefits of industrialisation and fast economic growth have undoubtedly brought major improvements and progress in many countries around the world. Yet, this has come with tremendous burden upon the environment and the stability of the climate. If we want to leave a habitable planet for future generations to prosper, then a new model of development, which better appreciates the relationship between human actions and the environment, will become a necessity. This should not, however, be seen as a barrier but, on the contrary, as a unique opportunity for promoting an improved vision of socio-economic development, which truly benefits the people and democracies of today and tomorrow.

To ensure climate stability, we need to move away from a highly polluting, centralised system based on finite fossil fuels towards one based on abundant, distributed renewable energy sources. We will also need to enable a transition from resource-wasting cities towards Regenerative Cities, i.e. cities that are able to establish a restorative relationship with the natural systems they depend on while allowing citizens to be part of this transition process and truly benefit from it. With the right policies incentives we believe that the vision of Regenerative Cities powered by 100% renewable energy can become a reality enabling communities around the world to thrive in a more just and sustainable way.

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